If you are a Veteran or are responsible for the arrangements of a Veteran, you can count on us to provide an unmatched level of dignity and understanding, the kind of respect and attention to detail that every Veteran should receive. We believe we are the best and Veterans deserve no less.

We are Veteran Specialists, and with that being said we will arrange a dignified military service with honors at any national or private cemetery.  We will arrange for a flag, military honors, the presidentical certificate and of course if burial is in a national cemetery we will get everything set up.  Burial in a national cemetery includes; a space for the Veteran and spouse, the outer burial container and marker.  Cemeteries are set up to accomodate either casketed burials or that of cremated remains (in ground or above ground).

After the service we will provide you with a wealth of information and knowledge about benefits going foward and how to apply for them.

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